KDS Syringe Pumps

The KD Syringe Pumps are extremely simple to use. They are microprocessor controlled with a high metering position at low, pulse-free flow rates. The dispensed volume is traced on the LCD display. They feature a preset rate, volume control and automatic shut-off. The syringe pumps can be controlled several ways: With a built-in TTL and RS232 interfaces.

The TTL input/output lines are for nine functions including trigger, gate, sync pulse and run indicator. All KD Syringe Pumps can be controlled through their serial ports. The movement of the plungers can be controlled from an outside software (exception: 100). An audible and/or visual alarm can be added as an accessory. The KD Push/Pull Syringe Pumps: These syringe pumps enable the plungers to move simultaneously: Half of the plungers are being moved while the other half are being pulled. Thus enabling to withdraw and fuse at the same rate without volume change.


KDS100 Infusion Syringe Pump (single syringe)
KDS101 Micro-dialysis Syringe Pump
KDS200 Infusion Syringe Pump (dual syringe)
KDS250 Multiple Syringe holder (up to 4)
KDS210 Infusion/Withdrawal Syringe Pump
KDS230 Multiple Infusion and Withdrawal Syringe Pump
KDS310 Nano Pump
KDS120 Push/Pull Syringe Pump
KDS260 Holds up to 4 Syringe, 10ml to 60ml
KDS270 Holds 4 Syringe, 10ml to 60ml
KDS330 Microemulsion Making Pump


The 101 Micro-dialysis Syringe Pump: This is a low volume unit holding two micro-syringes; it has only one micro-liter settings. The KD Syringe Pumps operate with both a manual or computer control. The programmable syringe pumps can do multi-step dispensing without the need for a computer control. Any of the 200 series Syringe Pumps can be ordered programmable (P). Simply enter a custom program via the keypad, allowing control of the pump time from seconds to days, permitting the flow rate to change at discreet time period, repeat dispenses, control the TTL signals to coordinate with external devices or to respond to them and perform loops.

The programs also have time periods called “Steps” which can be up to 12 hours long. There can be eight steps in a program. The flow rate can be ramped up and down or stay constant for a set period. After the initial and final flow rate for each period is entered, the pump will automatically makes the changes over the set period. There is no need for entering increments, it automatically is linear. The KD syringe pumps can be restarted or paused by the time delay or the TTL input.

These syringe pumps can respond to switch closures, relays or send the signals to the valves. Two separate loops can be entered so that the steps are repeatable. The number of repeats is controlled by the “loop count”, when volume dispensing is required continuously it is triggered by a switch. The two loops can be “nested” so that the program can run for days and complex dispensing can be repeated. When the “Program Mode” is selected, the number of the steps in the program is entered. Each step is automatically numbered.

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