Single Mouse and Rat Blood Pressure Systems

IITC Life Science Blood Pressure systems are the only systems on the open market to be able to easily, accurately and consistently test any types of animals ranging from mice (color of animal tail is not an issue due to the method of detection) up to monkeys and most animals in between. One complete system is all that is needed; the items that change are the restrainers and sensors according to the animal’s weight range.

Our systems are configured so that you have the ability to choose what would best fit your needs and not have to spend excessive amounts for a BP testing system for your research studies. You may purchase a single animal system and upgrade at any time up to 24 animals if your group size increase.

Our systems themselves all work off the same platform – amplifier with automatic cuff inflation, software for data collection.

Temperature is critical when measuring blood pressure. We know based on the 35 years experience and working with countless customers and understanding the methodology better than any other manufacturer.

When measuring blood pressure it is imperative that the temperature of the animal be kept as low as possible in order to not cause thermo-stress to the animal which can cause various issues with the data, animal and accuracy.

We measure on average 32 deg. C for rats and 34 deg. C for mice both well below thermo-stress levels for both animals. It can be measured lower in both animals but this is the average and not necessarily the recommended temperature but guidelines. An animal should not be heated to temperatures of 38 deg. C and higher which is what ever other method requires due to the poor method used for pulse detection.

The above is critical but not one other manufacturer states the temperatures their systems require since they are well aware that their methods require high temperatures for detection.

The IITC Life Science photoelectric method is still the lowest, most accurate method on the market today, contrary to what has and is being stated by competing companie

Validated data:
Direct blood pressure

Data supplied:
Heart Rate

Lowest temperature method

Indirect heating

MRI systems available

Anesthetized animals

Animal color not a factor

USB Optional

RS232 Standard


Lifetime Warranty

The information supplied is misleading, false and completely inaccurate when stating how our systems and the methodology work and are done; bothersome to us and unfair to the consumer.

All methods state many things but never do they state what temperature their systems require to detect pulse due to the high temperatures their systems require to obtain blood pressure recordings.

Warming method -
Our chambers are preset a 32 deg. C but can be adjusted at will higher or lower as needed depending on the animal(s) and environment. Digital control and readout allow you to see the set temperature.

We supply a constant low temperature being continuously supplied within any one of our chambers. We do not apply any direct heat to any part of the animal (tail, body) in any way. There are no metal platforms of any kind with heating elements in direct contact or underneath a platform which is metal and has the heating element underneath (same thing) just packaged differently in contact with the animal causing excessive overheating. Light air supplied throughout the warming chamber that is circulated to assure even temperature throughout.

Data supplied by the IITC Life Science mouse and rat blood pressure systems is obtained by the tail cuff attached to the end plate of the restrainer. This is a one piece design that does not require the cuff to be placed in any one particular spot. A photoelectric sensor and small light are inside the cuff and detection is sensed by the photoelectric sensor which is connected to your amplifier which picks up the pulse signal and is sent to software for viewing.

Parameters supplied are systolic, diastolic, mean, heart rate.

It is known that constant inflation and deflation of the tail can and will cause damage to the animals tail. We do not recommend doing warm up tests or pretest of quantities of 20 or more. This is absolutely not correct and will assure edema of the tail.

Room temperature -
Not a factor with our systems, since the animals are monitored and housed in a controlled environment (warming chamber) which you have complete control over. Others state room temperature is a factor, which may be due to the fact that animals in these systems are exposed to the room and therefore they require the warming of the animal to high temperatures within their restrainers since they cannot control the environment as we do within the warming chamber.

Accuracy –
Absolutely we have and continue to be the only manufacturer that has been validated to both telemetry and direct BP via cannulation.

There is no other manufacturer that can state or supply any data that supports their statements we are the only supplier of equipment that has the validation of our data to telemetry.

This we take pride in for the fact that many consider telemetry as the true form of BP measurement due to the methodology but when costs are prohibitive to purchase a system many choose to go the indirect route and based on the validation we are truly the best source for the most accurate low temperature method.

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1 Mouse Blood Pressure System with software


1 Mouse Blood Pressure System with chart recorder


1 Mouse Blood Pressure System (no software)

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1 Rat Blood Pressure System with software


1 Rat Blood Pressure System with chart recorder


1 Rat Blood Pressure System (no software)

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