IITC Life Science Animal Behavioral Equipment

RotaRod Test for Mice and Rats
IITC's Rotarod Treadmills are used to assess the effect of drugs, motor coordination and fatigue resistance on mice and rats using one unit. The animals are placed on textured drums to avoid slipping. When an animal drops onto the individual sensing platforms below, test results are recorded. Clear Plexi-Glas front panels are supplied for viewing during test. Software for data collection or printer available.
Animal Treadmill for Mice and Rats
The 800 Rodent Treadmill is a general purpose exerciser for mice and rats that can be expanded up to five (5) lanes. Our unit is designed to enable the operator a more precise reading in conjunction with the amount of exercise given to the animal. This digitally controlled unit has a high degree of repeatability. Test parameters are entered via the front panel keypad. Software or printer for data available.

Any-maze behavioral tracking software
As the name implies ANY-maze can be used to track the behavior of literally any animal (planarian to pacaderm) anywhere (Water, Plus, Zero, t-, Y-, Radial Arm, Open field, Locomotor activity, Place Preference boxes,Forced Swim, etc.)

Any-maze behavioral tracking software
Any-maze tracking software

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Any-maze behavioral tracking software