Mouse and Rat Tail Cuff Blood Pressure Systems from 1-24 Animals

The IITC Life Science tail cuff plethysmography blood pressure systems can be configured from 1-24 animals.

The only validated method/data of tail cuff blood pressure measurement when compared to both telemetry and direct blood pressure.

All of the IITC Life Science tail cuff method blood pressure analysis systems allow researchers to quickly, and accurately obtain blood pressure measurements at the lowest recommended temperatures.

MRI and anesthetized compatible for any animal.

Rat and Mouse Tail Cuff Method System components.

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12 Channel Blood Pressure System

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Systems use a highly sensitive photoelectric sensor for detection of blood pressure pulses.

Our method is the only method that allows researchers to measure blood pressure at the lowest ambient temperature which is 32 deg. c. All others require high temperatures (36-40 deg. C) which can cause undue thermostress and inaccurate data.

The only validated method which enables researchers to monitor, record, store and export blood pressure readings automatically with our software.

The software will show you in real time systolic, diastolic, mean and heart rate and allows complete control of system.

Systolic is measured not “calculated/estimated” as with other systems on the market.

A critical part of the process is the placement of the inflation and detection cuff onto the test subject. While others subject the researcher and test subject to two seperate cuffs, we have combined both cuffs into our single tail cuff sensor. This technology eliminates the need for restraining the animals tail and creating undue stress.
The comfort of the test subject is most critical in collecting Non-Invasive blood pressure data for mice and rats. Our warming chambers create a complete environment of controlled temperature as opposed to radiating heat from a platform or blowers. The result of our method is a reduction in thermostress which can lead to inaccurate data.


Analog output
Typical Pulse amplitude 100mV to 1 V
Pressure amplitude adjustable 1-5V at 300 mmHg



Mouse rat tail cuff blood pressure system components

Tail Cuff Sensors
Rodent Restrainers
Blood Pressure Software
Chart Recorder
Amplifier with automatic cuff inflation
Amplifier Manual Inflation
Amplifier with automatic cuff inflation
Automatic Cuff Pump
Manual Scanner
Warming Chambers
Tail Cuff Stands
Accessory Package

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