Rat Catheters and Precision Thermometers and Probes

The technique of using these cannulas is for conscious, relatively unrestrained, rats with indwelling cannulas. Rats prepared with chronically implanted cannulas avoid possible adverse influences of anesthesia, acute effects of surgery, and stress from handling and restraint. Drugs can be administered by many routes: Intravenously into the general circulation, into the portal vein, or internally into the small intestine. Non-irritating drugs can be given subcutaneously or intraperitoneally. Systemic venous blood (inferior or superior vena cava) and portal vein blood can be sampled. If pulmonary metabolism is not a factor, an aortic cannula provides the equivalent of a mixed venous blood sample.

Rat Catheters

Precision Thermometers

Precision temperature measurement systems for physicians and other bioscientists, as well as for physical scientists and engineers. Our goal is to provide our customers in universities, hospitals and industrial research laboratories throughout the world with high quality electronic thermometers, thermocouple microprobes, temperature controllers and related accessories for their various scientific applications.

Thermometer Probes

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