Automatic Cuff Pump for Rat and Mouse Blood Pressure

The IITC automatic inflation cuff pump is a dedicated cuff pump for small animal noninvasive blood pressure testing. This cuff pump replaces manual inflation and can be used with all of IITC’s indirect blood pressure test systems.

Automatic Cuff Pump

The IITC cuff pump has an adjustable cut-off pressure in 50 mmHg increments, adjustable deflation rate calibrated in mmHg and test termination pressure. The maximum pressure is 300 mmHg and higher. The test termination pressure feature allows the tests to be performed in 10-15 seconds. Single or repetitive cycles with extremely linear deflation rates. A manual air release is for immediate pressure drop. A built-in recycle timer can be set to automatically inflate the system in increments of 1 to 999 seconds.

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Automatic Cuff Inflation Pump

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