Animal Warming Chambers

The IITC test chambers offer the perfect uniform test environment when measuring blood pressure noninvasive via the tail cuff method on mice and rats. Offering 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 channels. The chamber temperature is adjustable and stays at a constant temperature within 1 degree c. at all times via the digitally controlled built in temperature controller. Chambers are ideal for testing from 30 to 40 degrees c.

12 Channel Animal Warming Chamber

Temperature is displayed and controlled digitally on the right, exterior side of the warming chamber. Temperature can be adjusted in 2 degree increments. Internal temperature is detected by the built in temperature sensor in the interior chamber wall; allowing precise measurements throughout your study.

All chambers are manufactured of black anodized aluminum and a clear Plexiglas, slide panel door for easy access and viewing of your animals during studies.

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aPart# 306 warming chamberaPart# 303SC warming chamber

6 Animal warming chamber3 Animal warming chamber

A built-in “whisper” fan produces a low level sound that is comforting to the animals. The side panels have been designed with vent holes for air circulation. single animal warming chamber

A superior method of warming when needed for
blood pressure measurements.

Our warming chambers do not supply direct heat in any way as with other methods - heating platforms or blowers that supply heat directly onto animals causing thermostress and the possibility of animal loss are nonexistent with the IITC Life Science method. Supplying a low, consistent, comfortable environment to your animal.

Part#301 warming chamber

One year warranty

Part #



Warming Chamber (12 animals)


Warming Chamber (6 animals)

303SC Warming Chamber (3 animals)
301 Warming Chamber (1 rat/3 mice)



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