Manual Scanner

The IITC manual scanner is used for making sequential measurements on a group of animals during the tail cuff method test. The scanner can be used in mouse and or rat blood pressure systems that are manually inflated, as well as in semi-automatic systems with an automatic cuff pump. In semi-automatic systems the operator has only to advance the test by turning one single switch on the scanner. Both the electrical parameters of the tail cuff sensor as well as the cuff air are selected with this single switch.

manual scanner

Manual Scanner has the capabilities to test up to 12 animals at a time. The rear panel has the terminated Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) parallel output (voltage free contacts) allows on line data handling equipment to recognize the sequential number of the test position. The scanner accepts 12 air tubing ports in the rear, and 12 plugs from the sensors. The front air ports connect to the pump or inflation bulb and the input plug to an amplifier.

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Manual Scanner (12 Position)

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