Plantar Test (Hargreaves method) Glass stands only

When large group studies, are required IITC offers either version of our glass stands to be purchased individually. Allowing users to quickly and efficiently test large study groups.

Glass stand only for Plantar Test

The two versions available -
6 rats/12 mice
2 rats/4 mice

- Supplied complete as shown with animal enclosures -

Both sizes are supplied standard -Black anodized base, 5 black anodized legs. Both sizes are supplied with the standard 8” legs. Tempered glass is placed on top. The clear plexi-glas animal enclosures are placed on top of the glass and allow unobstructed views of animal subjects during testing.

*Due to the fact that glass acts as a heat sink*; IITC developed the only commercially available heated glass. Warming the glass eliminates the heat sink problem, thus animals are placed onto the slightly warmed glass. Built in temperature controller in the heated base version keeps glass at a constant temperature between 30-40 deg. c which can be adjusted by user as needed.

Three individual, acrylic animal enclosures are supplied. Each enclosure allows for 2 rats/4 mice allowing testing of up to 6 rats/12 mice total. Enclosures have strong magnets to prevent animals from possible escape, individual lids, clear dividers in between test subjects.

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aPart# 402 Glass stand aPart# 433 Animal enclosure

Glass standAnimal enclosure

Large base 36” X 16”
Small base 18”X16”

Two year warranty

Part #



Plantar test glass stand (12 mice 6 rats) non-heated


Plantar test (12 mice 6 rats) heated


Plantar Test Glass Stand (4 mice 2 rats) non-heated


Plantar test glass stand (12 mice 6 rats)

433 Replacement Animal Enclosure (4 mice 2 rats)


Replacement Animal Enclosure (12 mice 6 rats)

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