Hot Plate Analgesia Test Meter Mice and Rats

The IITC Hot Plate Analgesia test is used for latency testing in rats and mice. The animals are placed on a black anodized, aluminum plate (11” X 10.5” X ¾”, 275mm X 263mm X 15mm) which is heated uniformly.

Hot Plate Analgesia Meter

All functions are entered via a keypad on the front panel they are:

Current temperature
Animal number
Current time
Current date
Output data to printer
Set point temperature in Celsius.

The plate’s surface temperature can be adjusted from ambient up to 75 degrees Celsius. Plate has consistent temperature throughout providing accurate tests.

All systems are supplied with both a mouse and rat enclosure allowing testing of both animals standard.

If needed IITC allows purchase of each enclosure separately.

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Two year warranty

Temperature is indicated in 0.1 deg c. increments
Holding accuracy is +/- 0.1 deg c.
Mice and Rats
Digitally controlled
Footswitch - RS232
Software - USB - (optional)

Electronics - 18" X 18"

Two year warranty

Part #



Hot Plate Analgesia Meter mice rats


Hot Plate Analgesia Meter Rat Enclosure (Square)


Hot Plate Analgesia Meter Mouse Enclosure (Round)

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