Plantar Test Apparatus (Hargreaves Method) and Tail Flick Test in 1

The IITC Plantar Test and tail Flick Test Apparatus combination system all in one ; is the only commercially available system of its kind. No need to purchase two separate systems, our combinations system enables researchers to perform both tests with this unique design. Testing properties of narcotic and stronger non-narcotic drugs on unrestrained mice and rats in plantar mode.

Plantar Test (Hargreaves Method) & Tail flick Meter in one

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The IITC Plantar Test Analgesia Meter for paw stimulation can be used on 12 mice, 6 rats and other animals (cats, rabbits) unrestrained when testing for narcotic drugs. Experiments are easy to perform, simply slide the test head under test subject, align the heat source via our exclusive guide light (idle state) by the attached, adjustable, angled mirror on test head to test subject and perform tests.

Start, stop and reset of tests is done by either the push button on test head, front panel controls or supplied footswitch.

With our exclusive “idle state” of the heat source one is assured of exact placement of the heat source. Tests are performed on the plantar surface by a focused, radiant heat light source. The light beam is focused to the top of the glass and creates a 4X6mm intense spot on the paw.

Our method of visible light is superior to the infrared light method, since a user will not always know exactly where/when the test will start, causing false starts and conditioning of animals. A built-in timer displays reaction time in .01 second increments.

The height of the glass is adjustable allowing the focal point of the light to be adjusted to stimulate other body parts if needed. A Humane cutoff timer is standard. The unit can be preset for a cutoff period, at the end of which the heat source shuts off automatically if the animal has not responded, avoiding tissue damage. Our test head does not emit , clicking or whining noises that cause preconditioning of animals prior to test as with other systems on the market.

Our exclusive heated glass option eliminates the glass acting as a heat sink. This feature will eliminate the reaction time of the animals to be altered due to the fact that they are placed on cold glass allowing the possibility of delayed response time to the applied heat source. Built-in heating elements in the glass which are digitally controlled for consistent temperatures. Temperature readout and adjustment from 30-40 degrees c. for the heated base is controlled on the heated base.

aTail Temperature Option a Animal enclosure

Temperature ProbeaAnimal Enclosure

Three individual, acrylic animal enclosures are supplied. Each enclosure allows for 2 rats/4 mice allowing testing of up to 6 rats/12mice total. Enclsoures have strong magnets to prevent animals from possible escape., individual lids, clear dividers in-between test subjects.

Tail Flick Test mode - the test head is attached to the electronic gear and the heat source now sits over a tail groove that has a sensor that detects the when the animal flicks it tail. System records and displays time and temperature of test. A humane cutoff timer that can be set by user, preventing tail tissue damage if test subject has not reacted within preset time.

Measurement of tail temperature at all times.

Trigger temperature is automatic at the start of every test.

This optional feature allows automatic preheating of the tail. To ensure experiment protocols to be precisely controlled and repeated. This feature allows the user to SET the tail temperature at start of each test is to be started at up to 75 degrees Celsius. Once that preset temperature is reached the test and the timer starts automatically and after the tail flicks the timer and light stop and the result is displayed. Readout will now show in repeatable sequence the start and end temperatures as well as test time.
We recommend animals be restrained with one of the IITC restrainers.

This unit solves the problem associated with “tail temperature prior to and at the end of testing.”
See article: KJELL HOLE AND ARNE TJOLSEN: The Tail-Flick Formalin Test in Rodents: Changes in Skin Temperature as a Confounding Factor.
Pain 53 (1993) pages. 247-254 Elsevier).

Tail Temperature optional (T)
Precise Programmable digital control
Humane cut-off feature, set by user
Adjustable beam intensity in 1% increments
Reaction is detected automatically
(Tail Flick Test set-up)
Manual override of all timer functions
All Functions and parameters entered via key-pad
Heated glass option only from IITC
Footswitch - RS232 - Printer output (standard)
Software - USB - (optional)


Electronics: 18" X 18"
Base: 36" X 15"

Two year warranty


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Plantar Test Apparatus (Hargreaves) and Tail Flick Test Analgesia Meter


Plantar Test Apparatus (Hargreaves) and Tail Flick Analgesia Meter with heated glass


Plantar Test Apparatus (Hargreaves) and Tail Flick Analgesia Meter with Tail Temperature


Plantar Test Apparatus(Hargreaves) and Tail Flick Analgesia Meter with Heated Glass and Tail Temperature


Animal Enclosure (4 mice 2 rats)

435 Animal Enclosure (12 mice 6 rats)

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