Randall Selitto Paw Pressure Test Apparatus Mice and Rats

Digital Paw Pressure Randall Selitto Instrument Mice and RatsOnce again IITC has designed a first in the pain testing research field, the very first digitally controlled paw pressure meter. The unit allows the user to attain data for analgesic drug testing via the Randall Selitto method.

This hand held instrument applies a force to the extremity of the test subjects. “Live” readings are provided of whatever force is applied at any moment with “Peak and Hold” showing the last maximum force applied during the test. Additional “Pressure Applicators” available.

A footswitch is provided to reset the reading which allows “hands free operation”.

An acrylic stand comes standard with the equipment which allows easy viewing of information on the portable electronics. Power 9V battery (with approximately 50 hours of operation or the power adapter both supplied standard.

Hand held probe weighs a mere three ounces with an accuracy of 0.5%. A test weight is supplied for accuracy check. No calibration required.

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Part# 2650 Stand and sling sold separately
Rat Sling for Randall SelittoaRat Sling for Randall Selitto

Sling sizes that are available

Part #



Rat and mouse slings individual


Rat sling suit, x-small 100-150 grams

2660RS Rat sling suit, small 150-250 grams
2660RM Rat sling suit, medium 250-350 grams
2660RL Rat sling suit, large 350-500 grams
2660RXL Rat sling suit, x-large + 500 grams
2660MS Mouse sling suit, small up to 25 grams


Mouse sling suit, medium 25-30 grams

Probe has a spring load for easy opening and closing of pressure applicator. To use the pressure applicator the probe is placed under the paw, close the pressure applicator, upon reaction the electronic unit will capture and store the pressure in grams to view and store. A flat surface is opposite of the probe tip to allow comfort and ease of operation. This test in our new form allows quick testing when the Randall Selitto method is needed.

One year warranty

First digitally controlled unit for paw pressure
Only hand held unit available on the market
Hands free operation
“Live” readings in 1 gram increments
No calibration required
Footswitch standard
Analog output cable available

Part #



Digital Paw Pressure Randall Selitto Meter


Pressure Applicator Only


Stand and Sling

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