SAR-830 Volume-Cycled Small Animal Ventilators

All ventilators operate on the flow-time principle. This method uses a constant flow of gas, which is gated into the animal for a known time, thus producing a known volume (flow x time = volume). This simple but powerful approach gives great flexibility in setting ventilation parameters such as inspiration time, I/E ratio, and more; something that is difficult or impossible to accomplish with the older mechanical piston-pump technology. In addition, this contributes to the legendary reliability and long service life of our ventilators, since the only moving parts are a pair of long-life solenoid valves.

SAR-830 Volume-Cycled Small Animal Ventilator

These are our most popular models, and provide reliable and safe ventilation of rodent-size animals. Inhalational anesthesia (Halothane or Isoflurane) is available for all models. Economical multi-animal setups are made easy by adding external valve assemblies. All models feature a built-in computer control interface for remotely-controlled applications. (Model SAR-830/AP shown)

Part #



Rodent ventilator, volume-cycled, without air pump


Rodent ventilator, volume-cycled, with internal air pump


Rodent ventilator, volume/pressure-cycled, without air pump


Rodent ventilator, volume/pressure-cycled, with internal air pump

Software for SAR 830A or SAR 830AP

Software for SAR 830A or SAR 830AP

-Complete remote control of ventilator
-Synchronize ventilation to neural activity (or other inspiratory nerve or muscle)
-Works with paralyzed or un-paralyzed animals
-Backup ventilator instantly selectable
-Displays airway pressure and CO2 (if available)
-Other custom control functions available
-Runs on any Windows PC with USB port

All that is required is a Moving Average of the nerve activity, which is connected to the USB box. Adjustable trigger levels and a “backup” standard ventilator are included. This system allows complete remote-control of the ventilator.

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