TC-1000 Temperature Controller

Model TC-1000 Temperature Controller monitors and controls the body temperature of small animals. This microprocessor-based instrument features a low-voltage DC proportional controller to provide artifact-free heating using a resistive heating blanket. The smooth Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control eliminates the electrical transients common to on/off type controllers. A front-panel LCD panel displays the current body temperature, the targeted set-point temperature, alarm settings, and a heater power bar graph. An analog output provides a linear voltage corresponding to temperature.

TC-1000 Temperature Controller

The controller uses standard YSI-400 series (or compatible) thermistor probes. These interchangeable probes are available from CWE in a variety of sizes to suit the animal being monitored. Resistive heating blankets are available in mouse, rat, or cat size. Other resistive-type heating devices (such as immersion heaters) can be connected, as long as the current draw is less than 3A at 12VDC. Heater currents up to 10A are possible using an external battery or power supply, accessible using binding posts on the rear panel.

Heating Pad

Operation: The TC-1000 controller is simple to operate. After plugging in the probe and heating blanket, the animal’s temperature is shown on the display. The adjustable set-point temperature and alarm band is also displayed, both being adjustable using a single knob. An over/under temperature alarm with adjustable hysteresis is push button activated. The unit automatically detects fault conditions such as a defective or disconnected probe or heating blanket.

One year warranty

Part #


08-13000 TC-1000

Mouse Temperature controller, probe (TH-2K), small heating pad

08-13001 TC-1000

Rat Temperature controller, probe (YSI-402), rat heating pad

08-13002 TC-1000

Cat Temperature controller, probe (YSI-402), medium heating pad


 Individual components


Mouse Pad Heating pad, waterproof, mouse, 3 x 6” (7.6 x 15.2cm), MR-compatible


Rat Pad Heating pad, waterproof, rat, 5 x 7” (12.7 x 17.8cm), MR-compatible


Cat Pad Heating pad, waterproof, cat, 10 x 18” (25.4 x 45.7cm), MR-compatible


Blanket-Cat Heating blanket w/ cover, cat, 18 x 27” (45.7 x 68.6cm), not MR-compatible

10-09011 TH-2K

Miniature thermistor probe, mouse, 1mm dia

10-09010 YSI-401

Thermistor probe, cat, 4.75mm dia

10-09020 YSI-402

Thermistor probe, rat, 3mm dia

10-09030 YSI-403

Thermistor probe, stainless steel for immersion, 4mm dia

08-09200 TCA-1

Thermocouple interface for TC-1000

08-09210 THERMO-1

Thermocouple probe Type-T, 0.5mm dia, 10’ cable, MR-compatible

08-09211 THERMO-2

Thermocouple probe Type-T, 1.5mm dia, 10’ cable, MR-compatible

08-09213 TC-EXT

Type-T Thermocouple extension cable, 6” long

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