BAT-12 Microprobe Thermometers

We designed the world’s first thermocouple thermometer, Model BAT-4, in 1969. It soon found uses in the lab, factory, hospital O.R. and in the field. The new BAT-12 has improvements for all these applications:

Bat-12 Microprobe Thermometers

In the lab: Readings to 0.1° C; near perfect stability.

In the field: A superior “cold junction reference” which maintains accuracy with ambient temperature changes from O°C to 50°C; sealed construction, carrying case.

For recording: Analog output for strip chart recording is a standard feature.

BAT-12 is the ideal instrument for use with microprobes. These 5 sensors are among our most popular and there are many more to choose from:

Flexible Implantable Microprobe, IT-18
Needle Micropbrobe, MT-26/2
Surface Probe, BT-1
General Purpose Probe, HT-1
Sensor Six Pack, PT-6

BAT-12 reads to 1/10°C
Super Accuracy and Fast Readings
Auto Corrected for Ambient Temperature
Heavy duty carrying case
Analog output

BAT-12 Specifications

Temperature Range: -100°C to +200°c.
Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: 0.1°c. ± 1 digit between 0-50°c.
0.1% ± 1 digit over full range
Calibration Conformity: Follows NIST thermocouple tables within 1 digit
Ambient Temperature
Compensation: Auto-compensated to 0.1°c from 0°c to 50°c
Readout: 3 1/2 digits, 1/2” liquid crystal numerals
Input Socket: Miniature, quick disconnect, copper-constantan
Analog Output: lOmV per degree c, approx.
Power Supply: Model BAT-12 9V transistor battery, available everywhere
Model BAT-12R AC 115V and Ni-Cad battery with charger
Size, Weight: 5” x 2 1/2” x 6” - 2 lbs., including carrying case

BAT-10 Microprobe Thermometers

The new BAT-10 is the most versatile thermometer we have ever designed. Wide temperature range and extensive choice of probes can be used in applications as diverse as cryogenic measurements for blood banking and cryosurgery, skin temperature measurements in exercise experiments, liquid measurements in spectrophotometer cuvettes, melting points of plastics and all types of animal and insect temperature measurements. BAT-10 accuracy is NIST traceable and in each temperature range accuracy is the same as the resolution. For instance, in the 0.1°C range, accuracy is 0.1°C (± 1 least significant digit). Few digital thermometers will do this. In most instruments there is a difference of several tenths between specified accuracy and resolution. At physiological temperatures, where minute changes can be critical, the differential range allows readings to 0.01°C with 0.01°C accuracy.

BAT-10 Microprobe Thermometers

BAT-10 Specifications

Temperature Range and Resolution: -200 ° C to +400 C, 1 ° C resolution - l00°C to + 199.9°C, 0.1°C resolution

Differential Temperature Range: - 19.99° to + 19.99°. Linearization centered at 40°C. 0.01°C resolution.

Accuracy, 1° range 0.1° range diff. range - 1°C + 1 least significant digit 0.1°C + 1 least significant digit 0.01°C + 1 least
significant digit

Repeatability: + one least significant digit

Calibration: Conforms to National Institute of Standards and Technology tables (Monograph 125)

Multiple inputs
Three ranges
NIST traceable accuracy
Resolution and accuracy as
high as 0.01° C

Sensors: Type T thermocouple

Ambient Operating Range: 15 - 45°C

Readout: Liquid crystal, 3 1/2 digits

Batteries: BAT-10 -- 4 alkaline “C” cells (battery life, 1000 hours) BAT-10R (rechargeable unit) - 4 Ni-Cads

Analog Output: Non-linearized set at 1.6V corresponding to temperature of 401°C

One year warranty




-100 to +200° C

0.1° C

0.1° C (+ 1 digit)

-200 to +400° C

1° C

1° C (+ 1 digit)


0.01° C

0.01° C (+ 1 digit)

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