Amplifier with automatic cuff inflation

The IITC amplifier with built in cuff inflation pump is used for mouse rat blood pressure studies. The method is done noninvasive via the tail cuff method.

Amplifier with automatic cuff inflation

The IITC method requires minimal warming of rats and mice. The rodents should be warmed to an ambient temperature of 30 deg. c. for rats and 32 deg. c. for mice, which is well below the thermostress level (see NIBP Intro. page). It is suggested to use one of the IITC warming chambers. The artifact filter eliminates the breathing and movement artifacts, enabling the user to pick out endpoints easily. In addition the amplifier has a built in cuff pump which allows for automatic cuff inflation. The built-in cuff pump has adjustable cuff pressure limits with automatic cut off, remote trigger capability, adjustable deflation rate, a manual air release for an immediate pressure drop and a test termination pressure control allows for quick 10 to 15 second test cycles.

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Validated data:
Direct blood pressure

Data supplied:
Heart Rate
Lowest temperature method

Indirect heating

MRI systems available

Animal color not a factor

USB Optional

RS232 Standard

Lifetime Warranty

Analog output. The instrument has separate outputs for single channel and dual channel (superimposed and split) recording. The typical pulse amplitude is 100 mV to 1 V. The pressure amplitude is adjustable from one to five volts at 300 mmHg. If systolic and heart rate are desired, a single channel chart recorder #38L is sufficient; if the Mean and Diastolic are the desired reading then a dual channel chart recorder is recommended #45L or the IITC software package #31.

The unit can be used in any one of the IITC multi-channel systems.

Lifetime Warranty on amplifier
One year warranty on internal cuff pump.

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Amplifier with automatic cuff inflation

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