IITC Life Science 5 in 1 System

Trio 3 in 1 test one complete systemElectronic von Frey

Randall Selitto


Grip Strength Meter

Rodent Pincher Analgesia Meter

IITC Life Science has developed the first commercially available unit that has the capability of performing four individual tests with one unit.

Our newest addition to our Analgesia line can perform the Electronic von Frey, Digital Randall Selitto, Plethysmometer and Grip Strength Meter test and Rodent Pincher with one electronic system.

Order any one of the test systems complete and the only additional item(s) needed are the individual modules to perform each test.

Electronics has up to three inputs allowing users to perform four very different tests with one electronic system when studies call for doing so.

All data is stored and displayed in the electronics supplied.

Part# 2650 Stand and sling sold separately
Rat Sling for Randall SelittoaRat Sling for Randall Selitto

Order any one of the 2390 Series Electronic von Frey systems; add on either or both the Digital Paw Pressure Applicator only and/or the glass stand setup only and you have a system that is complete for all three individual tests.

A wonderful addition to any laboratory facility studying analgesic compounds in research.

Stand and animal sling for Randall Selitto test sold separately.


One year warranty

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Penta 5 in 1


Stand and Sling

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